Blade 2 2002

Blade 2 เบลด 2 (2002) นักล่าพันธุ์อมตะ

Blade 2

Blade2 Blade seeks out Prague for his mentor Abraham Whistler, who was believed to be dead after being attacked by Deacon Frost, but was instead transformed into a vampire, and held prisoner for two years. Blade is able to rescue Whistler and cures the vampire. Whistler is introduced to Scud Blade, Blade’s teen new technician and cannabis smoker who enjoys rap music.

A deadly virus has transformed vampires to “Reapers” – – primitive mutant vampires with a thirst for blood and an infectious bite that can transform vampires and human beings alike. Eli Damaskinos, the vampire overlord, sends Asad and Nyssa, his daughter Nyssa, to fight the Reapers. Blade reluctantly joins the ranks of vampires. The Bloodpack is an elite group composed of vampires who were created to kill Blade. The group consists of Asad, Nyssa, Reinhardt, Chupa, Snowman, Priest, Verlaine, and her lover Lighthammer. Reinhardt is averse to Blade and challenges Blade to fight, but as a response Blade puts an explosive on his head to ensure he stays on track.

They look into a nightclub with vampires where they encounter the Reapers and discover that they are immune to the majority of vampire weaknesses. The Reaper leader, Jared Nomak, arrives and takes Nyssa hostage. Blade is taken hostage by Jared Nomak, who tries to entice Blade to his cause. He mentions their common dislike for vampires. Priest is wounded and killed mercy-killed, and Lighthammer is bitten but hides the bite. Whistler disappears, and Scud is attacked by a number of Reapers who he pushes off with UV lights. Blade is fighting Nomak, who is invincible to the weapons of Blade. The sun is rising, Nomak is forced to retreat and Whistler returns, revealing his discovery of the Reaper nest in the sewer. Nyssa examines the remains of an unborn Reaper and discovers that their heart are encased in durable bone. Realizing UV light is their main weakness, Scud and Whistler make UV weapons for the group in addition to a UV-emitting weapon strong enough to take out the entire nest.

As they enter the Reaper nest, the group spreads out. Lighthammer becomes a Reaper killing Snowman. Verlaine gives up her life in order to save Lighthammer. Chupa and Reinhardt are attacked by Whistler who sprays Chupa with the Reaper Pheromone. This draws a horde that eliminates Chupa and Reinhardt, and Whistler escapes. Asad and Nyssa are attacked by Reapers and Asad is killed. Blade is able to save Nyssa and uses the UV-bomb that kills all of the Reapers but Nomak. Nyssa and Reinhardt have a chance to avoid the blast, but Nyssa is badly injured until Blade allows her to drink his blood in order to live.

Damaskinos’ forces are able to betray and capture Blade, Whistler, and Scud. The truth is revealed: the Reapers exist as a result of Damaskinos’ efforts to engineer a stronger type of vampire. Nomak, the first Reaper is his personal son, who Damaskinos views as an unfit child because of his insensitivity to sunlight. Scud is revealed to be one of Damaskinos’ familiars, but Blade was already aware of that he was a vampire, kills him using the explosive he used on Reinhardt earlier. Damaskinos intends to harvest Blade’s blood in order to develop an immunity to sunlight, as well as a new breed of vampires. Whistler is able to escape Reinhardt and frees a nearly exhausted Blade who is thrown into Damaskinos’ blood pool, which regains his power. He fights through Damaskinos Henchmen and kills Reinhardt.

Nomak enters Damaskinosthe stronghold of Damaskinos to seek revenge on his father. Nyssa betrays Damaskinos by sealing off their route of escape to the heliport and Damaskinos is murdered by Nomak after failing to negotiate with Nomak. Nomak then bit Nyssa drinking her blood. Blade and Nomak fight, and Blade is stabbed by Nomak in the weakest spot. With his revenge complete, and wanting to end the pain, Nomak kills himself with Blade’s sword. Blade is embraced by Nyssa while her body starts to disintegrate because of the rising sun. This fulfills her wish of becoming a vampire.