What Is Streaming Media?

Streaming media is the process to deliver continuous media content. This does not need any intermediary storage. This technology is becoming increasingly widespread and provides many advantages to both the providers of content and the consumers. It allows seamless and high-quality video, audio and various other multimedia contents. It can be used to distribute content through many delivery options such as the web. It is also becoming increasingly common for distributing live sports events and other live events.

Streaming media lets users listen and view the media stream in real time when it’s being transmitted across the World Wide Web. This method eliminates the need to sit and wait for the media to download which can be many hours. Streaming media allows users to watch audio and video content when it’s sent via the internet.

Streaming Media offers flexibility in viewing the content and allows users to have control over the experience, including the ability to pause and speed-forward and rewind. Since free8k is sent and received according to available capacity of the network, the the order of data is irrelevant. This technique gained a lot of attention towards the end of the 90s as networks became more efficient in their performance and efficiency. Increased bandwidth was necessary to allow streaming media.