The 10 Most Popular Wines

Wine has been a cherished beverage for centuries. Some wines are popular over others, and yet everybody has a favorite.

The wines bottled the most are listed in the above table. They’re the guaranteed winners that are a must in any wine collection. Find out more about the 10 Most Popular Wines!

Cabernet Sauvignon

The Cabernet Sauvignon is a robust red wine that is grown in a number of popular wine regions of the planet. It is a mainstay for Bordeaux (in the Medoc as well as Pessac Leognan) as well as California but also does well as a solo act.

Its thick skin naturally produces high levels of tannin, which helps give Cabernet Sauvignon structure and durability and makes it very aging-friendly. The flavors can differ based on region and vintage but blackcurrant (cassis) as well as blackberry as well as dark chocolate are common. Green bell pepper and tobacco are other common flavors.

Cab is an excellent companion to hearty dishes of meat like the ribeye or fillet mignon, but it also works perfectly with richly flavorful cheeses, particularly aged cheddar as well as Gouda. There is the option of pairing Cab with a dessert, such as a dark or cherry chocolate tart.


Chardonnay is one of the more sought-after white wine in the world and is also the fifth most cultivated grape. Chardonnay’s versatility allows for a wide range of styles, from the unoaked, light wines produced by Chablis, France, to the creamy, rich and opulent Californian types. Also, it can be stored in wood which changes the flavor profile. ufanax gives strong, creamy flavors while French as well as Hungarian oak imparts delicate nuances. Additionally, toast levels as well as the time of ageing affect the wine’s character.

The blank Chardonnay canvas is a great way to show off its terroir and the unique characteristics of where it was produced. A cooler climate Chardonnays originate from Burgundy, Coastal Chile or Oregon have more lemon zest, quince and yellow apple flavors while warmer regions with warm weather like California, Australia, South Africa or New Zealand accentuate ripe pineapple and Apricot. Beyond the fruit, Chardonnay can display savory flavors of mushrooms and truffles and earthy tones like wet clay or the flint.


Merlot even though Cabernet Sauvignon is more famous by name in the wine world, is second most planted of all grape varieties. It first gained acclaim as a blend partner for cabernet-sauvignon-based Bordeaux red wines to give the wines a smooth and supple taste. Nowadays, it’s popular by itself as well in New World countries like California and Australia.

In the 90s, when merlot was at its height popularity, winemakers were rushing to keep up with demand. The result was an over-production. This often led to the over-irrigation of their fields, which led to the herbaceous wine, which damaged the reputation of Merlot.

Several vintners have mastered the art of blending the merlot. Certain producers produce 100% varietals, while others blend their own. You can find merlots with the aroma of blackcurrant pasteille chocolate and licorice, in warmer climate regions like California, Australia and Chile. Merlot makes a wonderful pairing for chicken and lighter meats. Merlot isn’t as tannin-rich as a cabernet and less intense than a Pinot Noir.


Syrah, also known as Shiraz is a deep, dark wine that has blackberry or raspberry notes. It can have a smoky flavor and spice. It could develop a chocolaty somewhat tarry taste in warmer climates like Australia.

It’s used to blend but can also be drunk as a stand-alone drink. It’s ideal to grow in sandy soils. Its taste is different based on where the grape is planted. French Syrahs from the northern Rhone, Cote-Rotie and Cote-Rotie are rich and have a great level of tannins. Australian Syrahs from Barossa Valley are full-bodied and have an intense taste.

New World Syrah/Shiraz is succulent and delicious with aromas of black and blue fruit punch, black pepper spice, smoking meat, and tobacco. It is great with dry-rubbed pork briskets, dry-rubbed brisket dishes that are well-seasoned or poultry dishes.


Zinfandel is usually seen as a jug wine but it can be very much from a high quality kind. It is essential to try these wines without preconceived notions You may be amazed by the level of sophistication and balance these wines can offer!

Zinfandels are available in a variety of types. Certain are fermented using new French oak in order to make bold, fruit-forward wines. Others are aged for many years to create rich, earthy tastes and gripping tannin. Some producers utilize unripe and ripe fruit to produce a unique blend of flavor.

Zinfandel is a rich and full-bodied wine that is great with richer dishes. Its flavors of tobacco the blackberry compote, and plum are combined with a spicy kick. Zinfandel is a varietal grape that is expected to last an extended period of time. While there’s an up and down in wine popularity, this one will be around for some time!


Airen is an indigenous Spanish grape. Airen is a native Spanish white grape. It grows mainly in central Spain and on plateaus with rocky terrains such as La Mancha or Valdepenas. Also, it is located in southern France and a few vineyards located in California.

Winemakers often use Airen as a blend grape to lighten heavy wine that could otherwise dominate. It’s a relatively neutral grape, which can add bodies and structure to wines. The tendency of it to quickly oxidize after harvest must be taken into consideration so that you can make high-quality wines.

Airen is a wine that can be used in a variety of ways that pairs with a wide array of dishes. It’s important to match the weight of the wine with the food. Airen in a lighter style is often served with garlic prawns and grilled sardines. If you choose a heavier Airen, choose milder meats and cream-based pasta.

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